Why Awesome Caribbean Villas?

Our story

We started visiting the Caribbean years ago and fell in love with the islands. Being from San Francisco, it would be way easier for us to get to Hawaii or Mexico, other beautiful spots, but there's nothing like the incredible people, the crystal clear waters and the great vibe as there is in the Caribbean.

We bought our first villa in Turks and Caicos in 2015, put it on the rental market and escaped down from San Francisco to enjoy it when it wasn’t taken. We were always so sad when we had to leave! So we made the jump and decided to trade in our stressed-out tech lives in San Francisco for the sun, sugary sands, and impossible turquoise waters here. We’ve never looked back. And that’s why we decided to start Awesome Caribbean Villas, because we want to help make your Caribbean holiday the best vacation you’ve ever had.   


Janine, John & Dwight The Pup

So why choose Awesome Caribbean Villas?

We really care about making your vacation the most awesome it can be. We travel a lot ourselves. We live here, we own a villa here, we know the people, we know what to recommend and we know that you want to have a good time and come back with one thing…tan feet!

If you have tan feet then you know you're in paradise and have been for a while and while you have those tan feet you're happy. In fact we think we'll start hashtagging everything we do with #tanfeet.

OK, here’s the more traditional list:

The Best Selection of Luxury Vacation Rentals

Wait, we didn’t say ‘the biggest’ but the best. Each villa in our portfolio has been fully vetted to ensure it is awesome. And, if a villa falls beneath our quality guidelines (based on our observations and guest reviews), it’s gone. That’s why you’ll probably find more luxury vacation rentals with the other guys.

Perks! (AKA ‘Free Stuff’)

You book your dream Caribbean villa with us, and we give back...to you! From snorkel adventures, to rounds of golf for you and your friends, jetski fun, to spa treatments. We'll even offer dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. This is our way of saying thanks for trusting us, and helping make sure you have the vacation of your life.

Innovative Features

We want to make it easy to find your Awesome Caribbean Villa, spending less time searching for a villa, and more time enjoying it. From features including satellite views to instant quotes with full rate breakdowns to our easy-to-use filters we’ll continue to innovate to make finding and booking your villa painless and fun! Example? We just launched a ‘compare villas’ feature that let’s you select up to four villas, get a side-by-side comparison and share it with your traveling companions.

Local Expertise

We live here. And we’re pretty social and adventurous. So when we recommend a villa or a fun excursion or awesome dinner venue it’s because we’ve done it.

You get us, you get perks, you get the best of the best.

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