List Your Villa!

Do you have one of the best luxury vacation rentals in the Caribbean? Did you ever step back and say "Damn, my villa is awesome!" If so, keep reading...

1. You Don't Pay

What's the catch? No catch. We don't require anything from you up front except for some information about your awesome caribbean villa. 

2. You're in the driver's seat

We get the eyeballs to our site, we get them interested in your villa, and we come to you with the booking request. All you have to do is say yay or nay!

3. You get paid when you say yay (so do we!)

Once you approve a booking via email we immediatley pay you 50% of the booking after our commission. Then you get the balance 60 days prior to your guest's check-in.  It's super simple and pretty darn automated. After all, we're software geeks!

4. We give perks, out of our own pockets.

What's a perk? It's something valuable and FREE for the guests. We just think that guests should always be happy, and we're bound and determined to make that happen. So based on how much a villa rents, we'll take cash out of our own pockets and offer a variety of very cool, and very free perks, you don't have to do anything except read some really positive reviews!

5. We know the web.

With our 40 years of combined internet, technology & marketing skills we know how to get noticed. Leave that up to us. Plus we only list the best of the best villas, we're kinda picky like that. 

6. We ARE in your shoes!

We have a very successfully rented villa so we know a thing or two on how to get noticed and rented. We'll do the same for your awesome Caribbean villa!

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